Next meeting:

The next meeting of Riverside Writers will take place at 7:30 pm on Monday 1st August 2016

The subject for next meeting: a choice between:
1.Create your own original Mr. Man character (or Little Miss character)  For example,  MR.  HEAD-IN-THE-CLOUDS and LITTLE MISS ATTENTION-SEEKER.
   With an adult theme.
   It can be humor, drama, horror, fantasy, romance, true-life(!) or poetry.
2. A story or poem of your own choice.


During June and July we will be having meetings each fortnight, so the meeting dates are as follows:

June 6th, June 20th.

July 4th, July 18th.


Please bring £2 with you to each meeting towards the cost of room hire. Thank you.

There will only be one meeting in August:

August 1st.

The meeting for September will be:

September 26th.



There are no workshops planned at the moment - Watch this space!


Previous meetings:

  • Monday 30th November 2015. The project for the month was ‘The Care Home’.
  • There was NO MEETING for December 2015.
  • Monday 25th January 2016. The project for the month was  ‘A comedy'.
  • Monday 29th February 2016. The project was ‘DIALOGUE or MONOLOGUE'.
  • Monday 4th April 2016. The subjects were  "A Life On The Ocean Waves" or "A smell which evokes memories"
  • Monday 25th April 2016. The subjects were "Three Wishes" or "Some Good News"
  • Monday 23rd May 2016. The subject was "In Praise Of ...""
  • Monday 6th June 2016. The subject was "Something or someone you've observed on your travels."
  • Monday 20th June 2016. The subject was "The Locked Door."
  • Monday 4th July 2016.
  • Monday 18th July 2016.  The subject was "My Father's Watch."