INTRODUCING some of the people at Riverside Writers

Peter Caton : A family man from Wirral.
I’ve been a writer since about 2005.  It began when I was asked to write a children’s adventure, originally told as a bedtime story some thirty years earlier.  Once I’d started, I found the appetite to continue to write and develop my skill.
Now I enjoy writing in a variety of genres: humour, drama, fantasy, poetry, and inspirational pieces for special occasions.  I’ve got a lively and creative imagination that takes me to where the action is.  I’ve got a good command of the English language – but always learning!  And it’s a pleasure to belong to a writer’s group where there’s no pressure to become rich and famous.  Simply to enjoy each others’ company and contributions, and to find encouragement.
I have four works published: a selection of short stories; a selection of poems; a fantasy adventure for children; and a selection on cd of educational stories for children.  By no means are they world best-sellers, but I’m proud of these achievements.
I believe writers have great privilege.  We have the power to influence people, and to effect small or great change for the better.

John Brown : Retired refrigeration engineer, widdower, one son living at home, we live in Prenton.
As we are men living without female guidance and instruction we are able to be as stupid as we like, getting tattoos, going to Silverstone, Wembley to watch American football, buying a monster tele, only movies, Formula one, NFL games, no girly soaps, dancing, gardening, cooking or any sort of "Reality" shows. Loads of hobbies, gym visits, guitar playing, oh, and writing as well, I joined Riverside Writers about three years ago and rarely miss a meeting, I write stuff for fun, no published author aspirations, mainly attempts at humour and horror stories, with some bits of science fiction.
I enjoy meeting with the group, we have a gab, read out whatever timeless prose we have painstakenly thown together, then discuss any writing things that we have encountered, it is always a nice evening out.

Andy Siddle : Biography
I’m married with two teenage kids and live in West Kirby. I won a Radio Merseyside story competition at the age of nine and have been trying to live up to that ever since!
I mainly write poetry and short stories, some of which have been published. Being a member of a local writers’ group has given me huge amounts of focus, inspiration and support.
The main influences on my poetry are John Keats, Dylan Thomas and Roger McGough. My favourite writers are F Scott Fitzgerald, Don DeLillo and Virginia Woolf.
My hobbies include spending time with the family, walking, watching films with my wife Tina and still trying to play football in my fifties, thanks to painkillers and very patient team-mates.
A web editor by trade, I’m keen to help other writers and have supported several friends with their stories, novels and screenplays.

Chris  : I am recently retired and new to the area, I wanted to try writing as a new interest. I have been a member since October 2015 and attended the monthly meetings, which I have found to be very helpful.
The other members are very friendly and encouraging. I like the structure of being given a subject each month to write a short story or passage about. If you are wondering if it is for you, I recommend you come to try us. For a warm welcome and an entertaining couple of hours with like-minded people.
Nothing ventured nothing gained.
Hope to see you soon.

John Davies : A batchelor living on the Rock Ferry/Bebington border. Retired after a lifetime in retail, mostly in Liverpool City Centre.

I've always enjoyed writing and reading Poetry, (Betjeman, McGough, Thomas) but on retirement had a fancy to write short stories.

18 months ago I joined Riverside Writers, a small friendly group of like minded people who's advice, encouragement and support have helped to improve my modest attempts no end.

Why not come along and meet us, we don't bite, and you'll be given a warm welcome no matter what level you are at.


Get into Creative Writing

To keep the group’s focus on writing, rather than on merely talking about writing, each month we have a new project which involves producing a poem or short story–of any length or genre–on a set theme.

The theme could be an opening phrase, a particular location or a randomly-chosen group of words (such as piano, ballet shoe, bazooka, ufo.) Sometimes we’ve used an unusual photograph as a source if inspiration, as with the photo of a tree in the middle of a forest which had been decorated with ladies shoes. Or perhaps we’ve used a set challenge (such as ‘The Literary Chicken’ in 200 words.) The theme serves as a starting point from which ideas can flow, and a person is totally free too take the idea in any direction.

At our meetings, we read aloud our efforts from the preceding month. Though we have all worked from the same starting point, nobody ever produces a similar story. The sheer variety of responses to the projects is part of the fun.

No-one is obliged to join in if they don’t wish to. Maybe that month they simply haven’t had the time. But those who do participate regularly have found that their standard of writing has improved. Also, over time they develop a portfolio of work which they would probably not have thought of if they hadn’t joined in with the monthly writing projects.

Below is a selection of work by our members.

We intend to add to this list over the coming months.



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A brief history of Riverside Writers

Article by Tim Hulme

Riverside Writers started back in 1998 meeting twice a month in West Kirby, Wirral – alternately in the Library in the evenings and in Westbourne Hall in the mornings. We abandoned Westbourne as it was not good for working people.
We used to charge £1 a week or £10 a year which helped to pay for two or three speakers each year.
For a couple of years we had a monthly slot on ‘7 Waves Radio’, reading out our stories & poems. We have once joined forces with the actors from the Little Theatre in Birkenhead for readings of our writings (not a huge success!) and with other Wirral writing groups at Christmas in Bebington Central Library’s “Stories & Wine” evenings (definitely a success!) We have had our own public readings in West Kirby library, most of which have been successful.
We have published three anthologies so far. The first one was printed and sold @ £3 each, which made enough profit to allow us to waive the membership fee.

Riverside Writers of Wirral. Creative Writing in West Kirby, Wirral, England.

Riverside Writers are an enthusiastic and informal group who live and work on the Wirral Peninsula in Cheshire, England. They meet each month in West Kirby Library where they hold workshops, set group writing projects and offer constructive guidance.


The group was formed in 1998, and its members include published authors plus absolute beginners, people who are developing writing careers and people who write purely for fun. Non-fiction writers, poets and fiction writers of all genres are equally welcomed.

The group also annually hosts public events, when members read their own original poetry and fiction to lively audiences.

  • Chair: Peter Caton.
  • Secretary & Co-Treasurer: Tim Hulme.
  • Treasurer: Andy Siddle.
  • Website: Ian Whiteley.

Meet some of our members ...